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Board Approves County Reorganization and Department Name Changes

County Executive Office - Press Release

March 18, 2008

Contact: Brooke De Baca

Board Approves County Reorganization and Department Name Changes

(Santa Ana, CA)— In a move that will improve the delivery of services and fiscal responsibility, the Board of Supervisors today approved the restructuring of County departments along with name changes for OC Infrastructure departments.  The reorganization plans include the establishment of two new departments: OC Public Works and OC Community Resources.

It is anticipated that the reorganization will improve the financial position of smaller departments through shared administrative resources and the elimination of duplicative services.  The estimated cost savings is projected at $500,000.

Programs from the Resources and Development Management, Housing and Community Services, Public Library, and the Health Care Agency’s Animal Care Services division will be reconfigured to comprise the OC Public Works and OC Community Resources departments as part OC Infrastructure (previously called Infrastructure and Environmental Services).  Specifically, OC Public Works will include OC Planning, OC Road & Flood and OC Facilities.  OC Community Resources will include OC Community Services, OC Parks, OC Public Libraries and the OC Animal Care.

To clearly communicate County services to our community, the Integrated Waste Management Department will retain its current structure under the name ‘OC Waste & Recycling’.  Renamed ‘OC Dana Point Harbor’ will continue its focus on the permit approval process for implementing the Revitalization Plan.

“These changes will better position the County to break down bureaucracies and accelerate management action to operate in the most efficient, accountable, and responsive manner possible,” said County Executive Officer Thomas G. Mauk.