Never Forget

Dear Friends,

Sixteen years have passed since September 11, 2001 and the deadliest acts of terror in U.S. history.

One hundred and Two minutes was all it took for 2,753 innocent individuals to lose their lives in New York City. Only to be followed by the loss of 184 individuals at the Pentagon and the 40 passengers on Flight 93.

However, many more lives were lost from exposure to toxic dust and other hazards from the events of that day and the days following. Last week, the FDNY added 32 more names to the list of those who perished to the World Trade Center Memorial Wall. We can never repay those first responders and engineers for their service, but we can make sure that they will never be forgotten.

For most of us this day is so engrained in our memory we can all clearly recall where we were and what we were doing when we heard of the attacks. But, the day has come now where our younger generations currently in high school were either too young to remember or were not even born yet.

It’s important that we keep the memories of the men and women who tragically perished alive and to remember our heroes who donned uniforms stating FDNY and NYPD. As well as recall that on a day while most were running away from the flames, there were those few who ran into danger to save lives without a thought for their own safety.

Though the days and weeks to follow were full of heartbreak, it was also a time when everyone seemed to be a little more courteous and patriotic and you were hard-pressed not to see cars waving their American Flags. These are the memories that make me proud to be American. In the wake of tragedy we all picked up the pieces and moved forward together.

Today let us remember those who are no longer with us and give thanks to all of our first responders and military members who keep us safe. Though we will never forget, it is so important that we teach our younger generations of the importance of this day and the strength with which our great nation persevered.

God Bless you all and God Bless America.

Chairwoman, Second District
Orange County Board of Supervisors
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