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April 20, 2018  Supervisor Spitzer Opposes New Homeless Shelter at Canyon LibrarySilverado Canyon, CA – More study is needed before county officials decide to place a homeless population in a tent city on the grounds of Library of the Canyons, said Supervisor Todd Spitzer on Friday. The site is in his district. ( View PDF )

April 17, 2018  Spitzer Pushes for More Action on Homeless FrontSupervisor Todd Spitzer reiterated his belief Tuesday at a special Board of Supervisors meeting that Orange County is on a path to curbing homelessness by enacting a series of measures including implementing a resource database, opening additional shelters and developing affordable housing. ( View PDF )

April 11, 2018  Spitzer Co-Authored Law that Reduces Rate of Drunk Driving DeathsThe Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released a study, “State alcohol ignition interlock laws and fatal crashes,” that found states with laws requiring ignition interlocks in cars for drunk driving offenders saw a 16% reduction in the number of deaths due to drunk driving. In 2008, Supervisor Todd Spitzer, then a California State Assemblyman, co-authored and led the push to pass Assembly Bill 2784 to require ignition interlocks for convicted drunk drivers… ( View PDF )

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