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Professional Photocopier Registration

The Professional Photocopier registration application must completed and submitted in our main office in downtown Santa Ana. If registering as a corporation or partnership, at least two partners or corporate officers must be present to sign at the time of registration. The registrant, or one partner or corporate officer, must be a valid commissioned notary public registered in Orange County. If your commission is used to qualify and register as a professional photocopier and you are not the applicant, written verification is necessary. An application for a professional photocopier must include a signature and be executed under penalty of perjury.

The registrant must appear in person and meet the following requirements:

  • Possess a valid government issued picture identification (established by a birth certificate, such as a driver’s license or passport).
  • The principal place of business or residential address must be located in Orange County.
  • Present a bond in the amount of $5,000 naming the registrant as principal providing the term of the bond, two (2) years, commencement date and expiration date.
  • Pursuant to Business and Profession Code § 22450, the registrant, must hold a current notary public commission from the California Secretary of State. If registering as a corporation or partnership, only one partner or corporate officer must hold a current notary public commission from the California Secretary of State.

The filing fee is $188 for a single-sided, single-page bond, but may vary. Please add $3 for each additional page of the bond.

Pictures for temporary and/or permanent identification cards will be taken in our office at the time of registration. Additional, lost or stolen replacement cards are $10 each.