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Title Date Category
Lockouts-Crisis, Med Services, Case Mgt 2012-04 (Apr) Billable Activities
Multiple Family Groups and Coding Encopresis 2012-02 (Feb) Billable Activities
Compliance Questions 2011-11 (Nov) Billable Activities
Rehab Services-Critical Reminders updatedFeb-2012 2011-08 (Aug) Billable activities
Encounter Document Reminders 2011-07 (Jul) Billable Activities
Assessment 2011-04 (Apr) Billable Activities
Documentation of Rehab Services through FSP 2010-12 (Dec) Billable Activities
Wrap-around Critical Reminders 2010-11 (Nov) Billable activities
Medical Necessity and Notice Of Action 2010-05 (May) Billable Activities
296.90 DSM-IV TR Code 2007-04 (Apr) Billable Activities
Licensing NPI 2007-03 (Mar) Billable Activities
Crisis Stabilization 2011-12 (Dec) Crisis
Crisis Intervention 2010-04 (Apr) Crisis
Master Treatment Plan Reminders 2010-08 (Aug) Care Plan
Billing Discharges 2012-01 (Jan) Discharges
Notice of Action-A 2012-05 (May) Medi-Cal
Coordination of Care Report 2011-02 (Feb) Medi-Cal
Documentation reminders-Signature requirements 2011-10 (Oct) Progress Notes
Documentation reminders 2011-09 (Sept) Progress Notes
Recoupment Issues- Part 2 2011-06 (June) Audit Recoupment Issues
Recoupment Issues 2011-05 (May) Audit Recoupment Issues
Travel-Related Billing Issues 2010-03 (Mar) Travel Time
Service Plan Reminders 2012-12(Dec) Care Plan
Documentation of Interventions 2012-10 (Oct) Care Plan
Family Therapy 2012-08 (Aug) Billable Activities
Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS) 2012-11 (Nov) TBS
Service Strategies 2012-09 (Sept) Billable Activities
New CPT Codes 2013-01 (Jan) Medi-Cal
Coordination of Care-Definition 2013-03 (Mar) Care Plan 
Correctly billing Travel Time 2013-04 (Apr) Travel Time
Amending Service Plans 2013-05 (May) Care Plan 
Non-Billable Activity 2013-06 (June) Non Billable Activities
Advanced Health Care Directives 2013-07 (July) Medi-Cal
Documenting services in a Non-English Language 2013-12 (Dec) Medi-Cal
Co-Occurring Disorders 2014-02 (Feb) Medi-Cal
Access Log Information 2014-03 (Mar) Medi-Cal
Client Service Information (CSI) 2014-05 (May) Billable Activities
Psychological Testing Reminders  updated7/9/14 2014-06 (Jun) Psychological Testing
Six month review 2014-07 (Jul) Medi-Cal
Professional Licensing Waivers 2014-08 (Aug) Medi-Cal
Case Management Revisions updated6/1/15 2014-09 (Sept)    Medi-Cal
Interim Care Plan (ICP)         2014-10 (Oct)       Care Plan
Therapeutic Behavioral Services  2014-12 (Dec) TBS
SB 785 Information (Out of County Medi-Cal)  2015-01 (Jan) Medi-Cal
ED Reminders  2015-03 (Mar) Billable Activities
Review of Records   2015-04 (Apr)        Billable Activities
Documenting Interpretative Services  2015-05 (May)     Medi-Cal
Crisis Services  2015-06 (June)        Crisis
Signature Requirements  2015-07 (July) Care Plan
Transportation of Clients  2015-08 (Aug) Travel
Care Plan Reminders  2015-10 (Oct)      Care Plan
Access Log Reminders  2015-11 (Nov)     Medi-Cal
Service Strategies 2015-12 (Dec)         Medi-Cal
Documenting Non Face to Face time  2016-01 (Jan)     Non-Billable
E & M codes  2016-02 (Feb) Medi-Cal
Non-Billable Activities 2016-03 (Mar) Non-Billable
Rehabilitation Services  2016-04 (Apr)     Billable Activities
Katie A Revisions       2016-05 (May) Medi-Cal
Crisis Intervention Reminders 2016-06 (June) Crisis
AQIS CYBH Website Info 2015-07 (July) Information
Advance Health Directives  2016-08 (Aug)     Medi-Cal
Medi-Cal Informing Materials distributed to Consumers  2016-09 (Sept) Medi-Cal
Re-ordering the Diagnosis in the County EHR 2016-10 (Oct)          Billable
Grievance Form & BHS EOC Summary Report  2016-11 (Nov) Medi-Cal
New Evidenced Based Modifiers 2016-12 (Dec)     Medi-Cal
Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS) 2017-01 (Jan) TBS
Seeking Safety for New Clients 2017-02 (Feb)     Information
Seeking Safety for Continuing Clients  2017-03 (Mar) Information
DHCS Included Diagnoses as of 10/2017  2018-03 (Mar)) Medi-Cal
E&M Codes reminder/ New trainings 2017-04 (May) Medi-Cal
Coordination of Care/Collateral Billing on Incorrect Fin#   2017-06 (June) Billable Activities
Child Family Team Modifiers/Interpretive Services  2017-08 (Aug)         Information
Presumptive Transfer      2017-09( Sept) Information
EHR Assessment Documentation/ Crisis Intervention  2017-10 (Oct) Care Plan
Intensive Services  2017-11 (Nov) Medi-Cal
Assessment/Signature/Care Plan Reminders 2017-12 (Dec)     Billable Activties
Assessment/Referral Documentation  2018-01 (Jan)         Billable Activities
Informing Materials-Update  2018-02 (Feb)     Medi-Cal
Collateral Services 2018-04 (Apr) Billable
Group Therapy Reminders 2018-05 (May) Billable
CYBH Website Information 2018-06 (June)         Information
Pathways to Well Being    2018-07 (July)     Medi-Cal
Co-Signature Guidelines  2018-08 (Aug) Medi-Cal
PWB Discharge Guidelines-Coordination of Care  2018-09 (Sept) Information
Outcome Questionnaires-NOABD  2018-10 (Oct) Information
NOABD Delivery System  2018-11 (Nov)         Information
NOABD & ICD10 2018-12 (Dec) Information
Summary of the Final Rule Requirements 2019-01 (Jan) Information
Reminder 14-Day Rule/ Assessments 2019-02 (Feb)         Information
CANS and PSC-35 FAQ 2019-03 (Mar) Information
Group Therapy-Billing Changes new 2019-04 (Apr) Information
QRTips - May 2019 2019-05 (May) Information
QRTips - June 2019 2019-06 (June) Information
QRTips - July 2019 2019-07 (July)  Information
QRTips - August 2019 2019-08 (Aug) Information
QRTips - September 2019 2019-09 (Sept) Information
QRTips - October 2019 2019-10 (Oct) Information