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OC Animal Care Needs Your Help!

UPDATE - Hook has been adopted by a local animal rescue group!

This dog was brought into the OC Animal Care Shelter on Saturday, December 8, 2012 by a woman who saw him walking down Malden Ave, in the city of Fullerton. The woman went home, got a carrier and brought him to the shelter. Upon initial exam, it was apparent that this dog had not been cared for. He was covered with filthy and severely matted fur. One of our staff veterinarians and one of our Investigations Sergeants spent nearly two hours grooming, clipping, treating, bathing, and evaluating him. Ultimately, over three pounds of matted hair were clipped off of him and for the first time in a long time, he was allowed to rest through the night without being surrounded by filth. Since being cleaned up, his disposition has improved greatly. Staff now reports that he loves being petted and is very friendly.

OC Animal Care Field Staff is still investigating this matter as a possible case of animal cruelty. If anyone has any information relating to this animal or saw anyone dropping off or handling this dog near Malden Avenue, in the city of Fullerton, on Saturday, December 8, 2012 this information would be greatly appreciated. Please call the Operations Department at 714-796-6460 to provide the information.

Veterinary staff estimates that the dog is about five years old. He appears to be of reasonable health, considering the condition of his intake. He is slightly overweight, so he could benefit from a diet as well as a dental cleaning. He is also on antibiotics for some skins issues associated with the matting, but he is expected to recover shortly.

We have been calling him “Hook”, because he has hooked our hearts with his admirable reaction to an unfortunate situation. He continues to be tolerant with examinations and generally seems relieved to be cleaned and clipped. Hook will remain at the OC Animal Care Shelter until at least December 18, 2012, to finish out his quarantine but after that time, we would like to find him a forever home for the holiday season and give a happy ending to his very sad story. We will keep you posted once he is available for adoption.