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Rusty's Story

UPDATE - Rusty was adopted!

Rusty is an 8-year-old, neutered male cat, ID# A1251293, kennel A-11. He is now available for adoption! He is such a sweet and social cat, not to mention good looking! He sure is handsome! He also has such a great attitude and is an inspiration to us all. Our Field Services Department has requested that we share Rusty’s story, which can be found by clicking on the "read more" link below.

"Rusty was brought into a private veterinary clinic on May 22, 2013 for evaluation of a leg injury which was said to have been caused by a dog attack that took place in January of 2013. The owner has indicated she has been unable to afford treatment for the animal since the time of injury, but that she had not contacted any rescue groups for financial assistance or looked into surrendering the cat to a rescue, humane society or animal control.

As a result, Rusty suffered with a compound fracture in his back leg which left the bone broken and exposed, having cut through the skin, and causing staining to the hair from the open and draining wound. The injury had existed so long that the bone protruding from his leg had died, leaving the surrounding tissue infected, and the muscle of the leg decreased due to lack of use. Once OC Animal Care stepped in, the cat was finally able to undergo surgery at the private clinic. Because of the time that had elapsed since injury and the death of the bone protruding from the leg, amputation was the best option available. Had Rusty received care initially, it is likely that his leg could have been saved.

After surgery, Rusty was brought to the OC Animal Care shelter and housed for post-operative care. He has recovered well and is a charming and charismatic cat. The veterinarian describes the time that Rusty lived with this injury as a “period of torture”, attesting to the undoubtedly pain and discomfort that would accompany a broken and exposed bone protruding through the leg for nearly five months."