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"Jails to Tails" at Theo Lacy

Theo Lacy’s Jail Sustainability Team have come up with many innovative ways to “Reduce, Re-use and Recycle” over the past year. This past month the team started working with OC Animal Care on a new way to provide them with bedding supplies for their shelter dogs.

Theo Lacy currently goes through approximately 15 tons of inmate clothing per year—most of which ended up in landfills before the Sustainability Team was formed. Today, the majority of this clothing is either being repaired or being recycled into machine shop rags; however, some clothing items are irreparable and cannot be converted because the fabric content is considered “unrecyclable.” These materials are now being shredded and re-purposed by Theo Lacy’s Community Work Program. The workers convert old, threadbare inmate sheets into pillow cases and stuff them with the unrecyclable, shredded clothing material.

Thirty-two pet beds have been donated to OC Animal Care Since December 2013. The inmate workers involved with the program enjoy making the beds for the animals, as this allows them to give back to the community. The goal of the program is to be able to donate to the shelter on a consistent basis.

The Sustainability Team’s chief goal is to divert waste out of landfills and reduce costs related to waste management. It is a huge “plus” when the team can make our furry friends comfortable while accomplishing their goal of reallocating waste. The Sheriff’s department is proud to say we have a team on staff that is committed to protecting our environment as well as helping others in the process. It is because of the Sustainability Team’s creativity and hard work that our Theo Lacy facility is able to
“Reduce, Re-use and Recycle” almost all of its waste.

Pictured: Deputy William Wagner ( Creator of "Jails to Tails") and CST Bonnie Barilla