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Adopt a Shelter Dog from the Cell Dogs Training Program

Munchkin is a great little dog and was selected for our program because of his darling personality and the fact that he didn’t have any manners! He was just a pup when we first starting working with him and it’s amazing to see how much he’s learned during the past few months! He last lots of energy and loves to pay with people and dogs alike and does a cute “Hey, look at ME” dance when he first meets people! The description “tiny, but mighty” says it all about this adorable little dog as he weighs only 12 pounds but gets along with dogs of all sizes and shapes!

“Munchkin” would make a great companion for a retired individual looking for a darling friend or a family with children at least 7 to 8 years-old who are looking for a play buddy.
“Munchkin” is potty and crate trained and will know all his basic obedience commands by the time he graduates from our program on Friday, May 2nd. He is current on all his vaccinations and has an AVID Mircrochip. If you’re looking for a loving little companion, who will make you smile, then “Munchkin” will do what he can to warm you heart!

If you’d like more information, please contact Donna Shawver at or 714-474-4823

The CELL DOGS Training Program is a cooperative partnership between OC Animal Care, Pathways to Hope and local correctional facilities. (Recently featured on the PBS “Shelter Me-Second Chances” Episode.) We rescue dogs from local shelters and train them with incarcerated youth and adult participants. Once they complete our program, the dogs are either adopted into their forever home or promoted to an advanced Service Dog Training Program. In addition to saving dogs’ lives, our program enables the incarcerated individuals to learn essential career and life skills such as responsibility, empathy and patience while experiencing the unconditional love of their canine in training.