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Hot Weather Tips for Your Pet

With the days getting warmer, many of us along with our furry best friends find ourselves outdoors a lot more. Although there is a lot of fun to be had in the sun, there are also many dangers facing our pet s as the days get warmer. However; taking these simple precautions can prevent overheating in your pets:

*Always make sure your pet has plenty of water. A bucket that holds a gallon or more will stay cooler than a shallow pan. Adding ice cubes is another great way to keep water cool and many dogs consider it a treat! If you are travelling with your pet always carry a gallon of fresh cool water.

*Never leave your pet in the car on a hot day. Even with the windows open, a car’s interior can heat up to over 100 degrees within minutes.

*Exercise & walk your pets in the morning and evening when its cooler and the pavement won’t burn their paws.

*Keeping dogs and cats groomed during the hot weather season can help prevent summer skin problems.

*If your dog stays outside of your house please make sure that plenty of shade is provided or have a properly constructed dog house.

In addition to our dogs and cats, rabbits and other small animals need protection from hot weather. Please be aware that rabbits cannot pant or sweat to cool themselves off in hot weather. If your rabbit is kept outside, it is essential that they are in a place that is shaded all day long. Even if you can’t keep your rabbits indoors all day long, you might consider creating an indoor enclosure or using your restroom with a litter box, food and water for the hotter part of the day. Another great way to keep your rabbit or small animal cool is to fill several 2-liter soda bottles with water and freeze overnight. Put a couple of bottles in their pens in the morning, your rabbit will lie against it to keep cool throughout the day.

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