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OC Animal Care Officer Rescues Tiny Kitten on Freeway!

OC Animal Care receives many calls each day about stray pets running loose in our communities. These calls are a priority for our officers as the safety of pets is a top concern. We recently received a call of a tiny kitten laying on a divider on one of our busy freeways. An Animal Control Officer responded and was able to safely capture her before she was seriously injured. This lucky kitten was then taken to the shelter and examined by the veterinarian. Thankfully, the only injuries she suffered were a minor abrasion to her lip and worn paw pads. She was given a bath, her injuries were treated and she was placed on a comfortable bed in the shelter's kitten nursery. She has not been placed into a temporary foster home until she is old enough for adoption. We will keep you posted when she returns for adoption.

Thank you to our dedicated Animal Control Officers, shelter staff and foster homes for everything that you do each day to save the pets in need of help in our community. Your hard work is appreciated!