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Hemlock's New Life

Back in May of this year my now husband and I took the leap and got married! I am the biggest animal lover, and when my husband and I finally moved into our first home together it was heartbreaking to know the location was not pet friendly to dogs. I have 2 pugs who are my heart and soul and having to leave them behind at my parents house, killed me. The happiest time in my life still felt empty, and it was overwhelming. Patrick said maybe I should gives cats a try, and that he knew my happiness is within animals and that he would love to get me a pet as my wedding gift. I was never a cat person, but the more I sat on the idea of a pet, I knew a cat was the best option. On a whim we decided to go the the OC Animal Shelter just to see if there was anything that spoke to us. We looked around for a while. I walked passed all the cats, feeling them out and I found one who I decided to play with. He was very excitable and playful, it overwhelmed me to be honest. I wanted a mellow cuddle bug and I couldn't see it happening with him. We went into the next section of cats, and I saw this little black ball of fur just sitting there at the edge of the cage. He was just staring at me with these huge eyes, I felt a little tingle in my heart. He looked like a little gremlin, he was very unique looking, huge ears way to big for his little body, and scraggly black, red, and white fur. With the help of Jackie we brought him into the room to play with him, and he just kind of sat there overwhelmed. After playing with him in the room for a bit, we both decided we didn't want to make any rash decisions. So we said goodbye and we left. The next day all I could think about, and talk about was this cat. How cute he was, how mellow he was, how unique he was. Then Patrick said, "I think you're in love" and I kind of sighed and I just said, "I think I am". So the next day after work we rushed back to the shelter because we knew he was the one for us. When we went to his cage, our hearts fell because it was empty. We panicked and went to the desk and asked if the cat was still there, and the man said he is still showing in the system, so yes he was. We were so excited, we sped walked over to the cat section and there he was. Jackie was holding and it just felt so perfect. She said "I knew it was you guys when I got the call" and everything just felt right.

Hemlock was born just weeks before my husband and I got married, he truly is meant to be a part of our family. The love we have for him is indescribable, and the happiness he gives us makes us know we were meant to walk into that shelter that day. I will be forever head over heals for this little black cat.