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Exotic Pet Adoption Process

Per the Food and Agricultural Code section 31753 entitled “holding period for animals other than cats and dogs” states:
“Any rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, potbellied pig, bird, lizard, snake, turtle, or tortoise that is legally allowed as personal property and that is impounded in a public or private shelter shall be held for the same period of time, under the same requirements of care, and with the same opportunities for redemption and adoption by new owners or nonprofit, as defined in Section 501(c ) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, animal rescue or adoption organizations as provided for cats and dogs...”

OC Animal Care is required to impound a bird for as long as it deems appropriate, meet the minimum holding periods and after expiration of the required holding periods, we are required to offer exotic animals to the public for adoption. Pursuant to OCCO 4-1-109:
“Except as otherwise provided by State law or by this division any unredeemed animal may be sold by the Director upon payment of the fees established by resolution of the Board of Supervisors.”

In order to ensure that all interested parties have the same opportunity to adopt exotic animals, the OCAC drawing process was implemented. This procedure is not in conflict with any laws and we are required to provide the birds the same opportunities for adoption as those that apply to dogs and cats. We encourage all interested parties including sanctuaries to send a representative to participate in drawings.

All dogs and cats are adopted on a first come basis. The $50 adoption fee is the same for all animals, excluding rabbits, chickens, rodents etc.. that are less. The actual cost for dogs and cats is higher as they receive, vaccinations, deworming, flea control, spay/neuter and a microchip which are additional fees.