Success Stories

News ImageCamoCam (aka Camo) came home with us on Sept. 8, and he’s been an awesome boy! He has come out of his “shelter shell” and has settled into a goofy, playful and calm doggo. He’s learning boundaries and obedience slowly (he’s kind of a meat-head).
He loves belly rubs and going for rides. As a matter of fact, every time the front door is open, he runs out to the car and circles it until we call him in or we open the car door!
Over all he’s doing great!

News ImageGypsyJune 2019 rescued Shih tzu dog, I am one of the very fortunate people that was able to adopt one of these wonderful fur babies. I kept a hour by hour day by day diary of “Gypsy’s” progress at home. I kept the diary for the last 4 months. I am happy to report the she has bonded to me. She has learned to go to the bathroom outside. She sleeps next to me on the bed showing a need to be close to her human. This could not have happened without a lot of work. Waiting for her to want to be with me. A lot of observation. She gets a bath every three weeks and is enjoying the bath time. We are still working on grooming as she is very frightened of noises like the grooming tools. She has had digestion issues but a spoonful of sweet potato and daily routine of a probiotic it is getting better. My little girl needs her toes nails trimmed every 2 months and the very important gland express. Both of the later I leave to the professional vet near me. In my retirement years she is a perfect companion. Oh she loves all sizes of other four legged fur babies. People it takes more time. Not trusting of people she does warm up after multiple times. Patience is everything!!!!

News ImageBelleBelle had lived with her family since she was a puppy, but her owners could no longer take care of her after 14 years. They had to surrender her to the shelter, but reached out to friends to spread the word about their girl who was still doing well though she was getting older. I heard about her situation and I felt moved to drive down from Los Angeles to meet her. I didn’t know what it would be like to take care of an older dog, but when I met her at the shelter the first thing she wanted to do was go run around the play yard. I took her home in May 2018 to live with my other Shiba Inu and they are now a happy pack. Belle will be 15 this weekend and still loves to go on long walks, and she spends a few days a week with a pack of her friends enjoying trips to the park and social time. She’s been such a sweet addition to the family and it’s been such a pleasure to know that I can give her a happy “retirement.” Thank you for looking after her and all the work that you do.


News ImageMiss Elizabeth Rue and Harrold HiggsMiss Elizabeth Rue and Harrold Higgs are living happily ever after in their new home. Both we're adopted from OC Animal Care.

Thank you again to OC Community Resources - Animal care and all that your agency does on behalf of the animals

News ImageStewie the Lifesaver!We went to the shelter looking to bring another little bundle of love home. Walking along the rows of kennels this little Chihuahua mix caught my eye. I put my hand down so he could sniff it and to my surprise he reached through the slats of his kennel grabbed my hand between his paws, held on, and started licking my hand; then did the same thing to my husband and daughter. He had been at the shelter for almost two months. We could not believe someone else didn’t want to take this sweet little guy home. We adopted him immediately, but had to wait a few days to bring him home so he could be neutered. We changed his name to Stewie. Once home he fit right in with our other animals and immediately became the “caretaker.” Stewie is always checking on everyone and is constantly by our sides. He is so grateful for his forever home. He jumps up and down excitedly twice a day as we are preparing his food as if he still can’t believe his luck. We adopted him in August of 2014. In November of 2017 Stewie started to sniff me really hard in one spot, was very insistent and did this daily for two weeks. While there is no history of breast cancer in my family and I did not feel a lump, I decided I had better get it checked out. Sure enough in that exact spot they found a tumor and I was diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer. My family and I will be forever grateful to our little Stewie for saving my life. Without him I would not have gone to the doctor and it may have been discovered too late. We saved him from the shelter, but really Stewie saved me! What a little hero. I cannot say enough about adopting an animal from the shelter. It is such a fulfilling and heartwarming experience. They have so much love to give. Save a life … you will receive so much unconditional love in return.