Homeless Prevention

Continuum of Care (CofC) Program

Since 1998 the County of Orange has coordinated a comprehensive regional Continuum of Care (CoC) strategy that includes the participation of all thirty-four cities in Orange County, County Agencies, the County’s homeless housing and service providers, and other community groups (including non-profits, local governmental agencies, faith-based organizations, the homeless and formerly homeless, interested business leaders, schools, and many other stakeholders) to identify the gaps and unmet needs of the County’s homeless. Due to the collaborative efforts of the Continuum of Care System and the public/private partnerships that have developed, Orange County has been awarded over $169.9 million in SuperNOFA Continuum of Care Homeless Assistance Grant funds from 1996-2012.

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Commission to End Homelessness

The Orange County Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness (The Plan) is the product of integrated community collaboration. The Plan establishes regional goals and strategies necessary for ending homelessness over the next decade. The Commission to End Homelessness provides oversight and accountability for the implementation of the goals and strategies as defined in the Ten-Year Plan.

Commission to End Homelessness

Point in Time Count and Survey

In addition to organizing, delivering and reporting on housing and services for people who are experiencing homelessness, CoCs are required to complete a Point-In-Time (PIT) count of unsheltered homeless at least once every two years & sheltered annually during the last ten days in January. Data from the one-night PIT count and the longitudinal data collected by the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) are the primary sources used to measure the progress in meeting the national strategic goal of preventing and ending homelessness.

Armory Emergency Shelter

The Orange County Armory Emergency Shelter is a seasonal program operated by Mercy House and provides up to 400 beds per night for the homeless at the California National Guard Armories in Fullerton and Santa Ana. The program provides shelter to families and individuals along with a nutritious meal, warm shower, safe place to sleep, warm clothes, a wide variety of supportive services, and a friendly and safe atmosphere.

Request for Proposals for FY 2016-17 Year Round Emergency Shelter/Multi-Service Center Operator and Armory Emergency Shelter Program

The County of Orange has released the 2016 Request for Proposals (RFP) for FY2016-17 Year Round Emergency Shelter/Multi-Service Center Operator and Armory Emergency Shelter Program on May 11, 2016.  For those interested in applying, the RFP is available through BIDSYNC at www.bidsync.com, Bid Number #012-162220.
This RFP is intended to select one or more Operator(s) to operate and participate in the development of the Year Round Emergency Shelter and Multi-Service Center Facility (located at 1000 N. Kraemer Place, Anaheim) and/or operate the temporary seasonal Armory Emergency Shelter Program.