Capistrano Beach Park Master Plan

Interim Enhancement Plan (Short-Term) and Master Plan (Long-Term)


OC Parks completed a short-term Interim Enhancement Plan in Summer 2019. The plan included emergency repairs on a stretch of infrastructure damaged by erosion and helped restore public access to the beach.

OC Parks is currently initiating a Master Plan for the long-term vision of Capistrano Beach with resiliency, safety and accessibility in mind. Once that is underway, there will be a public process in which all public and stakeholder input is welcomed and encouraged. OC Parks will continue to post project status updates on this website. Please check back for further updates.

Give Us Your Input!

Please take a moment to provide us with your valuable input. The information you provide will help us to understand current use and desired improvements at Capistrano Beach Park.



Capistrano Beach Park
overhead view showing Capo beach parking lot and walkway


SHORT-TERM: Capistrano Beach Park Interim Enhancement Plan completed Summer 2019. The site area addressed is outlined in a solid red line in the aerial map.

LONG-TERM: Capistrano Beach Park Master Plan to be completed by Spring 2021. The site area that will be addressed will include the area outlined in a solid and dashed red line in the aerial map.


Prolonged coastal erosion, the lack of natural sand replenishment, and several years of wave uprush from high surf has resulted in significant damage to the sea wall, boardwalk, parking lot and other infrastructure at Capistrano Beach. In the short-term, OC Parks is taking measures to create a safe place that will be open to the public. Concurrently, a Master Plan will be prepared that identifies long-term public access and recreation enhancements.

Collage showing erosion damage at Capo beach - fallen palm trees and overhead of damaged basketball court