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Preservation Work Begins on Old Courthouse Building

Exterior preservation of the landmark Old Orange County Courthouse is taking place the week of Sept. 21. This work is the first significant maintenance and repair of the iconic building’s distinctive sandstone cladding in nearly 30 years.

The project includes maintenance of the granite base and wood windows. This first phase focuses on the building’s south façade, including the highly ornate, colonnaded entry that is a favorite backdrop for wedding photographs. 

Contractor Page & Turnbull is conducting a thorough investigation of the existing conditions in order to record the wear and tear on the building and determine the types of repairs to specify. The study includes both hands-on assessment from a boom-lift, and limited testing of existing materials.

Material testing will include removal of a handful of small, 2-inch diameter, cylindrical cores from the existing sandstone and sending them to a specialist laboratory to determine their physical properties and the causes of deterioration. Material testing is commonly used for the conservation of stone buildings as it provides the information needed to properly design respectful and durable repairs.

Construction work is anticipated to begin in early 2016 and take approximately 4 to 6 months to complete.