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Nature Trail Loop, Oak Trail and Dick Loskorn Trail Closures

The Nature Trail Loop, Oak Trail and Dick Loskorn Trail have been closed for your safety until further notice.

The trails contain many dead and dying oak and sycamore trees as a result of continuing drought conditions. These trees pose a serious threat to all trail users.

Closing these trails serves two purposes. In addition to keeping visitors away from hazards, the closures offer the best chances for the groves to recover.

As stewards of Caspers Wilderness Park and its native habitat, OC Parks has a responsibility to protect and preserve its natural resources. Closing these trails, rather than removing the many dead and dying trees, offers the best opportunity for the declining trees to survive and the oak groves to rebound to a natural and healthy state.

Other hiking trail options in this area include the eastern section of Nature Trail Loop, Bell View Trail, Quail Run Trail, Star Rise Trail, and West Ridge Trail.

For further information, please contact the park office at (949) 923-2210.