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Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer in OC Parks Trees

The Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer (PSHB) is an invasive beetle that attacks common native and landscape trees, leading to branch dieback and overall decline. This can have a devastating effect on local trees, and you may see some being treated or removed in County parks.

What OC Parks is doing about PSHB:

  • Actively mapping and monitoring the spread and severity of PSHB on park lands.
  • Supporting University of California PSHB research in County parks.
  • Participating in regional land manager groups focused on stopping PSHB infestations.
  • Developing PSHB management protocols with input and review by top University of California researchers.
  • Focusing on preserving trees.
  • Removing trees that can’t be saved.
  • Developing a reforestation plan that considers the drought and PSHB.

How you can help reduce the spread of PSHB:

  • Don’t transport firewood. “Buy it where you burn it.” For more information about responsible firewood handling, see
  • To report a potentially affected tree on your property and for more information, please read this flier.
  • For more information on PSHB and other invasive tree pests, see

OC Parks is also working with Orange County Fire Authority to remove coast live oak trees infested with another invasive beetle, the Gold Spotted Oak Borer (GSOB).