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County Partnership With Miocean Helps To Prevent Beach Pollution

SANTA ANA, CA— The County's OC Public Works Department has received a donation from the Miocean foundation for a $100,000 project to prevent trash and debris from reaching coastal waters in Huntington Beach.

Miocean, a local foundation, co-funds pollution reduction projects with local agency partners to preserve and protect Orange County's 42 miles of coastline. The donation will fund the design, purchase and installation of two large trash booms; OC Public Works will fund design, permits, operations and maintenance for a minimum of 10 years. Booms will be sited on the Talbert and Huntington Beach Flood Control Channels to trap trash and debris before it reaches sensitive coastal wetlands and the Pacific Ocean near the Santa Ana River Jetty.

Previously, Miocean partnered with OC Public Works on a bacteria reduction project on the border of San Clemente and Dana Point (Poche Beach) as well as other pollution treatment, prevention and education projects with public agencies throughout Orange County.

"OC Public Works is proud to once again partner with Miocean on another important pollution control project," said Ignacio Ochoa, Interim Director of OC Public Works. "Trash from neighborhoods and commercial areas throughout Orange County enter storm drains in our local streets and flows through flood control channels to the ocean. Clean beaches and creeks can only be achieved if each one of us prevents litter and other forms of pollution on a daily basis. OC Public Works saw the need for trash booms in these locations and with Miocean's donation, we can make a real difference in water quality now."

"The litter booms can do ten times the work thousands of volunteers do each year on Earth Day" said Patrick R. Fuscoe, Chairman of Miocean. "We are excited about implementing them throughout Coastal Orange County."


No matter where you live in Orange County, you can have a positive or negative impact on the water quality of our creeks and ocean. Anything you use outside your home and at work – like motor oil, paint, pesticides, fertilizers and trash – can be blown or washed into storm drains.

To find ways you can prevent pollution, please visit,, , Twitter: OCpublicworks, Facebook: OC Public Works

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