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OC Planning Increases Community Involement without Increasing Costs to Taxpayers

For Immediate Release
April 27, 2009

Contact: Debbie Kroner
Public Information Officer

SANTA ANA, CA -- The County’s OC Planning Division of OC Public Works is increasing their commitment to community outreach while simultaneously focusing on creative solutions to ensure that these efforts do not result in higher costs. “We are embracing our goal to Serve First,” said one staff member at a recent event.

OC Planning has developed and implemented a new internship program in order to allow for increased community involvement without the associated costs that often accompany placing full-time staff in positions at public outreach events. Recently, the department has been involved in: Engage UCI, a Celebration of Community Collaboration; the OC Green Fair; and has conducted a website focus group, inviting members of the public and key stakeholders to become involved in the process of improving their online services to the community. In addition, they have scheduled participation in the upcoming Anaheim Family Fun Day: Health and Resource Fair, scheduled for Saturday, June 26.

The responses from customers have been overwhelmingly positive. One regular customer commented, “I am encouraged by the County’s care and concern in receiving feedback from its residents. It was very progressive of the County to arrange a focus group for the website.” For more information regarding OC Planning, please contact their Customer Care Center’s staff at: 714-667-8888.