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Surf Over to OC Watersheds' Website

Date: January 11, 2011

Media contact: Debbie Kroner
Public Information Officer
Jenna Voss
Public Information Officer

OC Watersheds and the Orange County Stormwater Program have an enhanced website to provide the public with information about water pollution prevention at

ORANGE, CA – January 11, 2011 – Protect Orange County's surf by surfing over to the enhanced OC Watersheds website which includes the Orange County Stormwater Program's new public education webpages. OC Watersheds, part of the County of Orange – OC Public Works, is celebrating 10 years of water quality protection on January 11, 2011 with the release of the latest improvements to its website. Meant as a resource for residents and visitors to Orange County alike, the website contains information on how to report a water pollution issue, watershed management projects, storm data, documents available for public review and much more.

The website's Orange County Stormwater Program public education pages include information about upcoming public events featuring water pollution prevention information and activities, informative video clips, a sign-up to receive a quarterly e-newsletter and a kid's corner section with interactive games. This portion of the website also provides brochures with water pollution prevention tips for home auto repair, landscape and gardening, pool maintenance and other household activities.

This website is a one-stop shop for anyone interested in Orange County's creeks, streams and coastal waters. In addition to English, materials are also available in Spanish and Vietnamese, with Korean language translations coming soon. Help OC Watersheds celebrate 10 years of water quality protection in Orange County by visiting and learning more – Remember, the Ocean Begins at Your Front Door!

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