Traffic Engineering is responsible for ensuring the safe, efficient and convenient movement of persons and goods within unincorporated Orange County. This is accomplished through our Traffic Operations, Traffic Studies and Traffic Signal Operations staff.

Signal Operations

The Traffic Signal Operations Unit is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the traffic signal equipment and appurtenances within the unincorporated county as well as five contract cities and the John Wayne Airport and OC Waste and Recycling agencies; a combined total of over 200 traffic signal systems. The unit also provides project review support to the Road Capital Projects and OC Planned Communities Sections as well as construction inspection support to the OC Inspection and Operations and Maintenance Sections. Traffic Signal Operations staff provide identification of underground traffic signal wiring and cables at all County owned and operated signals as well as for the five contract cities and the John Wayne Airport and OC Waste & Recycling agencies.

Traffic Operations

The Traffic Operations Unit is responsible for performing traffic safety and operational investigations to ensure that the highways within the unincorporated County are safe to travel under normal operating conditions. Through these investigations, staff identify deficiencies and prepare improvement plans to mitigate and correct them. Through engineering and traffic surveys, staff analyze speed studies and make recommendations for posting speed limits. Traffic Operations serves as staff support to the Orange County Traffic Committee by conducting investigations and preparing Staff Reports to provide recommendations to the Committee as it considers issues of traffic safety within the unincorporated County roadways. Traffic Operations staff develop the design of new traffic signal installations based on warrant analysis studies, design and manage traffic signal synchronization projects in coordination with various governmental agencies including OCTA, Caltrans and cities. The unit also provides traffic engineering design support to the Road Capital Projects, Operations & Maintenance and OC Planned Communities Sections through the preparation of signing and pavement delineation plans and project reviews. The unit is also responsible for establishing and interpreting County traffic engineering policy, researching records and providing expert witness assistance in response to claims. Traffic Operations staff maintain various traffic engineering-related records including collision data, traffic volumes and speed surveys.

Traffic Studies

The Traffic Studies Unit is responsible for identifying and scoping capital improvement projects for inclusion in the Department's Seven Year Capital Improvement Project (7-Year CIP) List through engineering studies and analysis of the existing highway infrastructure in the unincorporated County roadways. The engineering studies include drawings, analysis of standards and policies for highway and traffic design as well as engineering calculations to ensure the adequacy of capacity for the existing roadway facilities. Traffic Studies staff actively pursue project development and initial project planning activities through the scoping of roadway improvements and the preparation of preliminary project plans and construction cost estimates. The unit also manages A&E contracts and reviews plans of consulting A&E firms performing work for the County and evaluates their performance. The unit provides traffic handling, traffic detour and traffic control design support to the Road Capital Projects, Operations & Maintenance and OC Planned Communities Sections through the preparation of traffic handling, traffic control and detour plans as well as project reviews. Traffic Studies staff are also responsible for reviewing the traffic engineering and geometric design aspects of the County Property Permit (CPP) applications and to plan-check Subdivision plan submittals.