Data and Information for the South OC Water Quality Improvement Plan (WQIP)

OC Public Works/Environmental Resources is seeking your help in providing data and information to support the Water Quality Improvement Plan (WQIP) for the South Orange County Watershed Management Area. 

We are working together with other responsible agencies to fulfill new regulations designed to protect and improve water quality in the watershed.  That effort includes collecting as much information as possible about the physical, chemical and biological conditions of the watershed.

We would appreciate receiving any information you may have about the watersheds of south Orange County – specifically, any data you may have regarding measurements of water quality. The preference is to collect data in electronic form such as GIS layers and shape files, Adobe PDF or Excel format.  Ideally, large data sets should be accompanied by a summary report with recommendations for water quality priorities and strategies. 

Available, relevant and appropriately collected and analyzed water quality monitoring data would include, but not be limited to, data describing:

  • Chemical constituents,
  • Water quality parameters (i.e. pH, temperature, conductivity, etc.),
  • Toxicity Identification Evaluations for both water column and sediment,
  • Trash impacts,
  • Bioassessments, and
  • Physical habitat;

We have compiled an extensive library of environmental monitoring data that has been used in developing the WQIP. To view the list, please visit:

For questions or information regarding submittal of environmental data for the South OC WQIP, please contact the South County Watershed Programs, Monitoring and Data Section Chief, Bryan Pastor.