Special Victims Detail

The Special Victims Detail (SVD) is comprised of one Sergeant, nine Investigators, and one Investigative Assistant. Six Investigators are assigned to investigate reports of sexual assaults against adults and minors. These Investigators are also tasked with investigating all Child Abuse Registry reports received from Social Services. These cases include rape, sexual assault, and molestation of children.

The emotional aspect of sexual assault makes it essential that the investigative response include a holistic approach to the people who have been impacted by these crimes. Therefore, Investigators assist victims and witnesses with referrals to counseling and community based services to aid in their recovery, effectively negotiate the judicial system, and prevent future victimization. This approach has proved successful and elevated the level of service to the residents of Orange County.

One Investigator is assigned to the Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Orange County Child Exploitation Task Force (OCCETF). This federal task force collaborates on child abuse investigations and apprehends child pornographers, child sex tourists and facilitators, child molesters, and online predators. The OCCETF employs the latest technology to collect evidence and track the activities of individuals and organized groups who sexually exploit children through the use of websites, chat rooms, newsgroups, and peer-to-peer trading. The mission is to target these sophisticated child predators with the goal of making the Internet a safer environment for children.

Two Investigators are assigned to the Sex Offender Notification and Registration team (SONAR). These Investigators are responsible for risk assessment and monitoring of registered sex offenders living within the community. Of the approximately 5,000 registered sex offenders living in Orange County, approximately 750 live within the jurisdiction of the Sheriff’s Department. Prevention is the team’s ultimate goal, and they utilize numerous methods to supervise the activity of registered sex offenders including, but not limited to, the following: residence and workplace visits, family and neighborhood interviews, extensive background investigations, strict enforcement of the state’s registration laws, partnership with supervisory agencies such as probation and parole, preparation and service of search warrants and arrest warrants, and maintenance of the “Megan’s Law” data base for public information (www.meganslaw.ca.gov). In the event of re-offense, these investigators pursue criminal prosecution and the re-incarceration of the offender. If you are aware of a convicted, unregistered sex offender who may be residing within Orange County or who may be engaging in questionable behaviors involving children, please call (714)647-4066. We would appreciate your help in keeping our communities safe. In many cases, the provider of such information can remain anonymous.