Mission Viejo

Mission Viejo City Seal
Sheriff's Non-Emergency Dispatch:
714-647-7000 or 949-770-6011

Lieutenant Quyen Vuong
Chief of Police Services
City of Mission Viejo

City of Mission Viejo Overview

The Orange County Sheriff's Department has been the contract law enforcement partner for the city of Mission Viejo since 1988. The city of Mission Viejo is a family oriented community that has received many top ten rankings from various publications for being the safest city in the state and the country. This is a source of pride for both the community and the members of Mission Viejo Police Services.

Mission Viejo's population is currently 93,305 making it the largest city served by the Orange County Sheriff's Department. Education is a top priority in the city with four high schools, four middle schools, and 14 elementary schools. There are over 22,000 children attending schools in the city on a daily basis. Saddleback Community College is also located in the south end of the city.

There are six Sergeants who provide supervision of the patrol, traffic and administrative staff. There are thirty three deputies who provide Patrol Services, eight Motor Deputies who provide traffic services and one Deputy provides Commercial Vehicle Enforcement. Due to the large student population there are five deputies assigned as School Resource Officers (SRO). These deputies provide security, counseling, mentoring, and interventions on the various school campuses.

The city has four Investigators and one Investigative Assistant assigned to handle follow-up investigations on all property crimes and assaults. The city is provided with further specialized investigative units such as Homicide, Vice, Economic Crimes, Computer Crimes, Narcotics, Special Victims Detail, and the Family Protection Detail.

We have ten civilian employees working in Mission Viejo Police Services including six Community Service Officers who perform Traffic Collision Investigation and Parking Enforcement duties, two Crime Prevention Specialists who provide educational and safety information programs to the community, and two Cadets who assist with data collection and data entry. We also have the Senior Community Activity Team (SCAT) which is a dedicated group of retired volunteer senior citizens who assist with vacation checks, parking enforcement, special events, and manning the Police Services reception counter at City Hall. The Explorer program is made up of young volunteers who contribute thousands of hours to the community every year.

The per capita cost for the Sheriff's Department Police Services contract is approximately $165 per Mission Viejo citizen. There are 13 cities in Orange County with a population over 75,000 residents and Mission Viejo has the lowest cost per capita of any of these cities, with most cities averaging $260 or more per capita.

Message From the Chief of Police Services

The city of Mission Viejo prides itself with outstanding schools, spacious parks, thriving businesses, diversity, and friendly citizens. The city also has one of the lowest crime rates per capita in the United States for the past twenty years. Collaboratively, the citizens, business owners, city staff and elected officials have all contributed in making Mission Viejo one of the safest cities in America.
The deputies who make up the Mission Viejo Police Services team also take great pride in the community and work exceptionally hard to keep the city safe and secure. We recruit deputies who are committed to “Service Above Self.” As the Chief of Police Services, I promise that we will continue to work in partnership with the community. I will lead our staff with integrity, use innovation, look for efficiencies, embrace community outreach, and provide public awareness campaigns to safeguard our community. We will conduct enforcement with compassion, professionalism, and great customer service.

The Mission Viejo City Council has had a tradition of making public safety a top priority by providing our staff with the best training and equipment available. We at Mission Viejo Police Services are dedicated to providing a safe environment and a high quality of life for all of our residents. We will do this by providing top notch crime prevention programs, proactively fight crime, and being responsive to the needs of the citizens. We also have volunteer citizen patrol programs such as Senior Corps of Retirees (SCOR) and Professional Services Responders (PSR) assist our patrol deputies by reporting suspicious activity to make our community safer.

It is a privilege to serve the community of Mission Viejo and I look forward to making your police services even better.

Lieutenant Quyen Vuong
Chief of Police Services
City of Mission Viejo

Part 1 Crime Stats for the City of Mission Viejo

Crime 2014 2015 2016
Homicide 5 1 0
Rape 9 14 7
Robbery 23 32 25
Assault 34 39 44
Burglary 147 155 160
Larceny 679 859 768
Auto-Theft 38 78 55