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Orange County Board of Supervisors Approves $3 Million Waste Reduction Grant


The Orange County Board of Supervisors today approved a $3 million grant that offers up to $600,000 in each of the Supervisors’ districts for programs that contribute solutions to reducing waste and increasing recycling.

The Regional Recycling and Waste Reduction Grants are open to Orange County cities, special districts, and nonprofit organizations.  Lead applicants may partner with environmental service and waste management businesses.

The County’s Regional Recycling and Waste Reduction Grant is now in its fourth cycle. Previous grant recipients include cities and nonprofit organizations that created programs to address local waste diversion needs or to increase awareness of the importance of waste diversion.

As the regulatory environment changes, opportunities arise for better and different ways to reduce waste. “We all understand the need to protect the environment for future generations. At this time, we also have mandates that call for some drastic changes in the area of waste management,” noted Board of Supervisors Chairwoman and Fifth District Supervisor Lisa Bartlett. “The Regional Grant will build more programs and educational materials to help all of us know what more we can do to reduce waste. I encourage organizations to take advantage of this grant opportunity.”

The grant program is administered by OC Waste & Recycling. It reflects the County’s continuing commitment to support local communities’ efforts to comply with state-mandated waste diversion requirements.

The Regional Recycling and Waste Reduction Grant is a five-year program. It provides funding for new programs or enhancements to existing programs that promote and sustain recycling and waste reduction in Orange County. Eligible applicants must be prepared to contribute funds to grant projects in years two through five. Complete information regarding the grant opportunity, including the grant application, may be found at

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