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OC Waste & Recycling event raises $5,000 for United Way

It’s not every day that folks can “dine at the dump,” but Bowerman Landfill serves as idyllic spot for luncheon fundraising event


The Frank R. Bowerman Landfill staff put out the welcome mat again this year to host the annual Dine at the Dump United Way fundraiser. CEO Frank Kim welcomed 250 guests to the thirteenth edition of this one-of-a-kind event, noting that employees’ participation in the United Way campaign has changed lives for the better.

County employees have long supported United Way in its goal to relieve hardships faced by Orange County’s most vulnerable. “This is one of my favorite events,” said Sherri Dukes, United Way’s senior relationship manager. “I know that County of Orange employees are committed to supporting United Way. I see that the waste industry is also helping to make a difference through their contributions to the Dine at the Dump. I want to thank you all--for your financial commitments, your time and talent and your dedication. You’re helping United Way to make a difference.”

The County’s new Chief Information Officer, Joel Golub, was a newcomer to the event. “I’m from back east. Landfills don’t look like this back there. This is definitely not a dump. This is better than some parks where I come from.” His comment was echoed by others, who were intrigued by the name of the event, and were pleased to experience the beauty of the area—definitely not a dump.

The preliminary tally is that the event generated $5,000. Many of OCWR’s business partners, including waste haulers and non-profit organizations that execute environmental stewardship outreach programs, contributed to the success. Corporate sponsors included:

  • Burrtec - EDCO
  • Republic Services
  • Rainbow Environmental Services
  • Ecology Auto Parts
  • Waste Management of Orange County
  • Ware Disposal
  • Tierra Verde
  • Clean Harbors Inc.


Corporate and organizational donors included:

  • Advanced Earth Sciences
  • Aguinaga Green
  • Discovery Science Foundation
  • HF&H Consultants
  • Inside the Outdoors
  • ISCO Industries, Inc.
  • Geosyntec
  • LSA
  • Montauk Energy
  • Quinn Company
  • Natures Image
  • SCS Engineers
  • SCS Tracer
  • Simplus
  • Sukut Construction
  • SWT Engineering
  • Tetra Tech BAS

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