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County Bid Process Goes On-line

(SANTA ANA) – Early next year, the County of Orange’s Purchasing Department will initiate an on-line bidding process, Gary Burton, Assistant CEO/Office of Finance, announced today.

"This is an innovative and exciting step for the County and the business community," Burton said. "In the past, the County’s bidding process would begin with printed specifications mailed to a group of pre-registered vendors that were gleaned from an established list. Using internet technology, the bid solicitation will now be available to all interested parties."

Burton said that increased competition translates into more cost effective goods and services for the community. A paperless bidding process should also save money because the volume of printing, postage, supplies, handling and other expenses for both the County and its vendors will be reduced. Turn-around times for purchasing transactions will also shorten.

Recently the County sent approximately 6,000 notices to current vendors announcing that as of December 1, all vendor registration will be done electronically. Vendors who are registered on-line will receive automatic email notification of solicitations from the County. Then, beginning in early January, the County will post bid solicitations on the Internet enabling vendors to submit their bids electronically. Although certain projects, such as construction bids requiring blueprints and maps, will continue as before, most routine bids will be posted electronically, said Mike Kolodisner, Director, CEO/Administrative Services.

The purchasing web site can be found on the internet.