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CEO Named 1 of 11 Public Officials Of The Year By National Magazine

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County Executive Office
November 2, 1998
Contact: Diane Thomas
(714) 834-6203

CEO Named 1 of 11 Public Officials Of The Year By National Magazine

SANTA ANA – County Executive Officer Jan Mittermeier will be honored this month as one of GOVERNING MAGAZINE’s 11 Public Officials of the Year. GOVERNING, an independent national magazine covering state and local government, is presenting its award winners for the fifth year.

"In this award process we’re looking for leaders, individuals with courage, resilience, innovation – people who take on the impossible," said Elder Witt, GOVERNING’s deputy publisher. "Jan took on a bad situation and rescued it."

Mittermeier was selected, in part, for guiding the County out of bankruptcy, but this month’s issue of GOVERNING indicates that the judges’ choice had a wider scope: "Mittermeier did more than steer the county successfully through its travails (bankruptcy). She saw an opportunity to modernize the county government – to reorganize the management structure and put in performance measurement and better systems for making long-range decisions."

The magazine annually solicits award nominations during the first half of the year. GOVERNING's editorial board makes the final decisions. Other honorees this year include Richard J. Pennington, Superintendent of Police, New Orleans; Diana Gale, Director of Public Utilities, Seattle; George Sinnott, New York Civil Service Commissioner; and Zell Miller, Governor of Georgia.

"These people attempted things that the most knowledgeable cynics were certain could not succeed," said Alan Ehrenhalt, GOVERNING’s executive editor. "Fortunately, they did not listen. In winning genuine victories despite the perceived odds, they offer powerful evidence that real accomplishment is taking place every day in American government, even at a time of widespread public distrust of the political process."

"I am truly honored to receive this award," said Mittermeier. "Personally, it’s very gratifying, but, beyond that, I’m proud that it gives recognition to the substantive work that’s been done in this organization by so many people to achieve the goals we set. They all share in this honor."

The honorees will receive their awards November 18 at a dinner in Washington, D.C.

GOVERNING has been in publication for 11 years and has a circulation of 86,000.