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Jan Mittermeier Accepts Contract Offer

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County Executive Office
October 7, 1998
Contact: Diane Thomas
(714) 834-6203

Jan Mittermeier Accepts Contract Offer

SANTA ANA – Attached is a copy of a letter delivered this afternoon to the Board of Supervisors by County Executive Officer Jan Mittermeier. The letter, addressed to Board Chairman Jim Silva, contains an acceptance of the Board’s contract offer made at yesterday’s Board meeting.

October 7, 1998
Honorable James W. Silva
Chairman, Orange County Board of Supervisors
10 Civic Center Plaza
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Dear Chairman Silva:

I appreciate the hard work and difficult issues the Board has dealt with in finalizing the contract for the executive officer. I know your intent has been to provide a balance that ensures the Board can meet its responsibilities and allow this position to be effective in carrying out the Board’s policies and direction.

While the contract may not encompass all the original positions of each individual, I think the end result is a framework that can support a successful working relationship. As you know, I strongly believe that the ability of the executive officer to appoint department heads based on merit is key to the success of the organization. This is the primary area of concern for me in considering your offer. You and other Board members, however, have publicly expressed that the Board oversight provision related to department head appointments will be applied responsibly and with regard to good governance practices. Given all these factors, I have decided to accept the Board’s offer to continue the work we have begun.

Together we have made great strides toward realizing the Board’s vision for a better County government. We have made accountability, fiscal control, and policy management the foundation of this organization.

We can all be proud that the County is well along the road to recovery from bankruptcy. We have a lot of work ahead of us, however, to fulfill our commitment to the citizens of Orange County and the bond holders and to ensure our strength in the future.

As we build on our success to date, the County still faces many challenges, including our approximate $1 billion in debt. Among the important goals we have yet to achieve are:

  • Continuing our efforts to decrease outstanding debt and restore contingency funding
  • Regaining our A grade bond ratings
  • Maintaining our disciplined approach to budget and spending
  • Continuing to improve the Strategic Financial Plan and business planning processes
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of our initial restructuring efforts and apply those lessons to continued restructuring of County government
  • Developing meaningful performance measures for programs and employees
With the achievements we’ve made and the work that lies ahead, I look forward to supporting the Board in accomplishing its goals and priorities.


Janice M. Mittermeier
County Executive Officer