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Sorting Problem Shifts Names on Sample Ballot

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February 6, 2004

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Sorting Problem Shifts Names on Sample Ballot

Absentee, Polling Place Ballots Remain Unaffected

(Santa Ana, CA) - “Sample ballots, mailed last week to Orange County registered voters, list candidates’ names for federal and Green Party contests in an order that will not match polling place ballots,” said Steve Rodermund, Orange County Registrar of Voters. The races affected are President, Senate, House of Representatives and a Green Party county race.

“A technical problem in the rotation of names in federal races with more than one contestant caused the sample ballots to be one position off from the sequence on polling place and absentee ballots,” said Rodermund. “The important fact is that the mistake on the ballot will have absolutely no affect on the voter’s ability to cast a ballot on election day or on the accurate and timely counting of those ballots.”

Rodermund went on to caution that voters who mark their sample ballots as an aid to voting at their polling places should be cautious in transferring that information to the official ballot. “They need to be sure to match names, rather than position on the ballot,” he said. “Voters at the polls will use the new e-Slate system and will be aided because of the summary page that appears at the end of the regular ballot. The voter then has the opportunity to review all candidate choices and make any desired changes.”