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Community Leaders To Discuss Homeless and Housing Issues

County Executive Office - Press Release


County Executive Office
October  12, 1999
Contact: Diane Thomas

Community Leaders To Discuss Homeless and Housing Issue

(Santa Ana) – More than 100 representatives of non-profit organizations, state agencies, Orange County cities and County agencies will meet tomorrow to discuss ways to address the needs of the county’s homeless and low-income residents. Representatives are also expected from the offices of Senator Barbara Boxer, Congressman Ed Royce and Assemblyman Scott Baugh.

According to a survey by the County’s department of Housing and Community Development, there are more than 14,000 homeless people on any given night in Orange County.

Tomorrow’s Continuum of Care Community Forum will be from noon to 4 p.m. at the LA Times meeting room at 1375 Sunflower Ave. in Costa Mesa.  Co-sponsors of the meeting are the County Executive Office, Orange County Homeless Issues Task Force and the Shelter & Hunger Partnership of Orange County.

“This forum is a spin-off of the former Continuum of Care steering committee meetings that I’ve coordinated for the County for the past two years,” said Karen Roper, County Homeless Coordinator.  “What we’re doing tomorrow has a greater significance because of the wider view we’ll take on homeless issues.  Whereas we previously focused on securing federal Homeless Assistance grant funding, we’ll now look at how to marshal all of our resources to develop an ongoing, regional, coordinated effort for our system of care.  We’ll focus on housing, health care, social services, legislation and the entire scope of issues surrounding the homeless and low-income populations in Orange County.  Each Community Forum will feature topics which relate to these issues.”

The new collaborative expects to meet quarterly.  For further information, call Karen Roper at 834-3355.