Estimate My Past Due Payoff Date

The Arrears Payment Estimator is an amortization tool that prospectively calculates an estimated liquidation summary for the past due balances you owe. The summary also provides you with an estimated arrears payoff date if the monthly arrears payment is consistently received on the first of every month.

In order for the tool to work accurately the excel macros must be disabled when prompted to do so and an accurate accounting of your past due balances must be entered.  The past due balances are listed on the monthly billing notice (click here to view a sample billing statement) you receive:

  • Total Principal Balance
  • Total Interest Balance
  • Total Monthly Payment Amount due for Past Support
  • Agreement Date – Month of Billing Notice

This Arrears Payment Calculator computes an estimate of the length of time needed to pay off your past due child support based on the information entered. This calculation is an estimate and is not intended as an accounting of your child support case. If you have questions regarding your child support case, please contact us at (866) 901-3212.

If you understand click YES to access the Arrears Payment Estimator tool.