Environmental Improvements

        OC Dana Point Harbor is working with other County Agencies and our Harbor Operators to make improvements to the public open space and recreational areas. OC Dana Point Harbor is working with OC Parks on projects such as repair and maintenance of existing slope drains and sidewalks within the Harbor. Some of the improvements you have seen are new smokers outposts for proper and safe disposal of cigarette butts, trash receptacles with lids to prevent birds from feeding on the trash contents, monofilament line disposal canisters located on the Wharf and near the fishing pier, new disposal sites for automatic transmission fluid, oil, grease, and other boating related materials, and increased attention given to landscape maintenance and irrigation. These efforts will continue as we find other opportunities to enhance the Harbor public areas.

OC Dana Point Harbor also completed a maintenance project to repair and paint 450 feet of curbs and gutters along Puerto Place. Work involved the removal of debris and the placement of concrete to fill voids under the road, and was completed in one day.

With the arrival and implementation of new water quality-enhancing cleaning equipment, sidewalk and walkway cleaning is performed using surface cleaners with built-in wash water recovery to eliminate runoff. The new machines, now in service in the East & West Basin Marinas contain, dispense, and vacuum up the wash water along with most dirt and waste substances collected. The wash water is then properly disposed of and does not enter Harbor waters, therefore protecting Harbor water quality.

Smoking Post  Disposal Sites

Sidewalk Scrubber