Planning Area 1 & 2 Components

Public hearings were held at the City of Dana Point Planning Commission and City Council in 2006 when the Revitalization Plan was presented to the Council and public testimony was heard. As a result of concerns regarding building height and impacts to public views, certain modifications have been made to the Landside plans.

The original plan included two dry stack boat storage buildings, six levels high, which could hold up to 400 boats, with boats up to 38' in length. In the revised plan, building #2 has been removed and building #1 is now only five levels high.

In order to keep the same storage capacity of 400 boats in building #1, the building design was lengthened by 30' on each end. This change also caused the marine retail store location to shift, from its originally proposed location adjacent and connected to dry stack building #1. Its new proposed location is just a few hundred feet to the north toward Dana Point Harbor Drive in a free standing location.

Other changes made to the plan at the direction of the City Council included additional building height restrictions for the retail and restaurant buildings and that the proposed parking deck foundation be reinforced to receive a third level if necessary in the future.

The artist rendering of the revised Commercial Core will give you a good idea of the changes that were recently proposed and approved by the City of Dana Point.

Following approvals at the City Council level, the Revitalization Plan and the District Regulations were submitted to the California Coastal Commission for review and approval of a Local Coastal Program Amendment. Other approvals and permits, such as Coastal Development Permits, will follow at the City level. If all goes well, we hope to begin construction in 2014.