Adult and Older Adult Behavioral Health (AOABH) Services Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Adult and Older Adult Abuse Services (AOABH) Substance Use Disorder treatment (formerly known as ADAS) provides a range of outpatient and residential treatment programs designed to reduce or eliminate the abuse of alcohol and other drugs within the community.

Services include crisis intervention, assessment and evaluation; individual, group and family counseling, HIV education, pre- and post-test counseling, and voluntary testing; counseling and testing; referrals to other programs when indicated; and outreach to schools and the general community.

The Perinatal Program takes an active role in promoting the health of our community by offering evidence based treatment to help pregnant and parenting women create positive change in their recovery. Preference is given both to women who are pregnant and IV drug users. We promote an understanding of addiction and the recovery process by providing education, helping women acquire effective coping skills, develop safe living situations and decrease domestic violence and abuse.

Other specialized programs provide services to persons who require methadone maintenance and detoxification, adolescents, persons who have a substance use disorder with co-occurring mental illness, and individuals referred by the Orange County Collaborative Court.