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Innovation - Round 3 Planning

Innovation Round 3 Proposed Ideas for Prioritization 

Inn01 - Community Employment Services Project

Inn02 – Continuum of Care for Veteran & Military Children and Families

Inn03 – Developing and Testing Effective EBPs for Children

Inn04 – Employment and Mental Health Services Impact

Inn05 – Healthy Eating Kitchen and Mobile Application

Inn06 – Leap of Faith

Inn07 – LGBT Homeless Project

Inn08 – Operation Enduring Success

Inn09 – Project Embrace

Inn10 – The Way Home

Inn11 – Traditional Chinese Medicine Based Online Meditation Program

Inn12 – Whole Person Healing Initiative

Inn13 – Work of ARTE

Questions that have been submitted to the inbox:

INN 04: please clarify if the counseling would initially be available at only 1 employment center, and if so, which one specifically.  Also, are there going to be 3 Master Clinicians @ a salary of $70,000/year providing services? 
Answer:  This question would be at the discretion of the contract provider. The organization who submitted the idea proposal put in the salary amount that they estimated would cover the masters level clinicians. At the time that the project is bid out, those bidding might find that amount is too high, or too low. As for the number of employment centers, again that would be determined by the proposal brought forward by any bidders. One might want it in multiple sites, others might want it in one, so we can’t say one way or another.


INN 05: where would the ‘healthy living’ kitchen be located & how would it be accessed?
Answer: With this project being bid out, it would be at the discretion of whoever wins the bid to provide the “healthy living kitchen”. From the proposal it appears that the location would be somewhere accessible to the public which would include school-aged participants who come to the location.


INN 10: what criteria would be used in the ‘screening’ inspections of shared housing to determine inclusion in the database & who would conduct the evaluations?
Answer: From the Idea Proposal it would appear that the screening criteria would be made by a newly formed housing steering committee which would consist of consumers as well as owners.


INN 13: currently, the proposal includes a line item of $150,000 to rent a commercial kitchen and supply it; have the proponents looked into sharing a commercial kitchen that is already set up to avoid this start-up cost?
Answer: When this program is bid out, it will be up to the bidding participants to decide how they want to go about utilizing the kitchen. The idea submitter included the $150,000 for the kitchen, but a different organization who bids on the project might already have a running kitchen, and thus won’t need  to include this in their bid.

Innovations Round 3 Planning - Stakeholder Meetings Letter  

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