Collaborative Courts

About Collaborative Courts

Collaborative Courts Full Service Partnership (CCFSP) and Collaborative Courts Full Service Partnership at Orangewood Children's Foundation (CCFSP-OCF) provide culturally competent in-home and community-based intensive mental health rehabilitation and case management services for consumers, dependents and/or wards through age 25, who have serious emotional disturbances (SED) or severe mental illness (SMI), and/or truancy and substance abuse issues. Both programs address the needs of youth and their families across all life domains to promote alternative positive activities that empower, improve self-efficacy and build social competence.

Using a strength-based approach in the Recovery Model and a wraparound philosophy, a full service team assists youth and their families with positive youth development by reducing juvenile crime, truancy, substance use, emotional distress and impairments resulting from unmanaged mental illness. Services include:

  • Clinical assessments
  • Client service plan development
  • Mental health rehabilitation
  • Case management
  • Individual, family and group counseling
  • Crisis intervention
  • Behavior modification plans
  • Referrals to community supports

The CCFSP Guidance Center is located at 16580 Harbor Blvd, Unit O, Fountain Valley, CA. 92708, phone (714) 975-5201.