Demographics / Outcomes

Project FOCUS Demographics/Outcome Data 

FY 12/13

Since July 2007, Project FOCUS (For Our Children’s Ultimate Success), has assisted 245 children and transitional age youth ranging in age from birth through 25 years. The program also serves the client’s family members, who are not included in the statistics below. The following graphs and data are based on the 83 clients served during fiscal year 2012-13.

Gender—An almost equal number of males, 42, and females, 41, were served during FY 12/13.

Age—Of the 83 clients served, nearly half were between the ages of 13-17 years old. Two clients were under 6 years old.

Ethnicity—In FY 12/13, 99% of clients served by Project FOCUS were Asian /Pacific Islander, with 51% of clients Vietnamese. Over 87% of Project FOCUS’ clients and/or their parents/ guardians had experienced cultural and linguistic barriers. Studies have shown that compared to proficient English speakers, people with limited English are less likely to seek help and receive needed services. Of those served by Project FOCUS, 68% of clients had limited English proficiency and 49% were monolingual in their native language. That percentage was significantly higher for the parents/guardians of the clients.

Education—At the time of Project FOCUS enrollment, 60 clients were enrolled in school. After receiving services from FOCUS, 11 additional clients were in school. In addition to school, 44% of the clients received other educational support, such as specialized tutoring services for children with severe behavioral or emotional problems. It was reported this support significantly helped to improve clients’ grades.

Employment—Project FOCUS supports both clients and their family members to find appropriate employment and/or assist them to obtain the job skills needed to become self-sufficient. At the time of enrollment, 3 clients reported they were working. After enrollment with Project FOCUS, an additional 10 clients became employed. In addition, the program provided supportive employment services to 54% of the parents by assisting them to enroll in training programs and vocational schools. The trainings helped parents develop the skills needed to obtain employment in an effort to support their children effectively.

Housing and Homelessness—At the time of enrollment, 10 clients were homeless. After receiving services from Project FOCUS, 4 clients experienced difficulty with housing placement. The program supports clients with temporary shelters such as motels, transitional housing, etc.

Psychiatric Hospitalizations—At the time of enrollment, 19 clients reported previous psychiatric hospitalizations. After enrollment, only 5 clients were hospitalized.

Incarcerations—At the time of enrollment, 3 clients reported a previous history of incarceration. After enrollment, 1 client was incarcerated.