Demographics / Outcomes

Project RENEW Demographics/Outcome Data

FY 12/13

The following graphs and data, unless otherwise noted, present information about the 280 Project RENEW participants served during fiscal year 2012–13.

Gender—Of the 280 participants served, 154 were male and 126 were female

Age—Project RENEW serves children from 0 to 18 years of age. In the past 3 years, the teen population has increased and now accounts for approximately 60% of youth served.

Ethnicity—Although the majority of RENEW’s participants are Hispanic, the program serves children and families of other diverse ethnicities and cultural backgrounds.

Education—Prior to involvement with RENEW, 257 participants were enrolled in school. Since RENEW, 278 participants have been enrolled in school.

Employment—Due to the age range of Project RENEW participants, (0-18), the program encourages education first. Employment is encouraged for teens needing part-time employment or whose free time is better spent in employment rather than unstructured activities.

Housing and Homelessness—In the year prior to RENEW enrollment, 11 participants had been homeless, in temporary emergency housing, or living in a shelter. Since enrollment, 14 participants experienced at least one day in the homeless or temporary housing category at any given time during the 12/13 fiscal year.

Psychiatric Hospitalizations—In the year prior to enrollment in RENEW, 33 participants reported being admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Since RENEW enrollment, 29 participants were hospitalized.

Incarcerations—In the year prior to RENEW enrollment, two participants reported being incarcerated. Since RENEW enrollment, five participants were incarcerated. Factors in this increase could be an increase in the legal education given to the families of participants, and the scrutiny given to participants while enrolled in the program.