YOW (Youthful Offender Wraparound)

About YOW

YOW (Youthful Offender Wraparound), Full Service Partnership provides culturally competent, in-home and community based intensive mental health rehabilitation and case management services to youthful offenders who have serious emotional disturbances (SED) or severe mental illness (SMI). YOW addresses the needs of youth across all life domains to promote alternative, positive activities that empower, improve self-efficacy and build social competence.

The services provided to consumers include, but are not limited to, clinical assessment, client service plan development, counseling, mental health rehabilitation, case management, housing assistance, career readiness skills, education planning, vocational/trade school linkage and life skills training. Services are routinely provided in English and Spanish (clients with other language needs are addressed on a case-by-case basis) and are available to Orange County residents who have been involved with juvenile probation.

YOW takes pride in being persistent and remaining flexible and adaptable to minimize resistance and encourage trust and consumer participation. YOW coordinates service for consumers and families who have complex needs and are involved with multiple service providers. In an effort to achieve self-sufficiency, consumers and their families meet regularly with experienced clinicians and case managers to resolve and overcome the problems, challenges and difficulties that prompted their referral.

YOW is located at 1231 E. Dyer Rd., Ste. 275, Santa Ana CA 92705. The main office phone is (714) 659-6380. 

For Children & Transitional Age Youth MHSA Programs and Data information, you may contact:
James P. Harte, PhD
Program Manager MHSA Programs
Children and Youth Services