A group of multiethnic older adultsAbout OASIS

College Community Services OASIS Program is an innovative mental health recovery program for older adults in Orange County who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, and who have a chronic mental illness. OASIS offers a full array of mental health and case management services which are provided in the field at any location that is convenient for the participant. The goal of the program is to provide services that are coordinated, effective, and comprehensive and follows the Wellness and Recovery model, which focuses on participants' strengths and self-identified goals and objectives.

Tracking participant outcomes is an integral part of the total program as it provides valuable information enabling OASIS to continuously tailor services and support to achieve the best possible success for all participants. Three areas of particular importance of data collection for OASIS include housing, health related issues and how they impact recovery, and participant's engagement in social activities. The focus of initial treatment of members includes assisting with housing placement and completing necessary steps to obtain financial assistance. This entails SSI, SSDI, Social Security -Retirement Benefits, Medicare, and Medi-Cal. Another area of focus is health related services due to the specific needs of the older adult population. OASIS is currently tracking the number of health related diagnoses and how this relates to the participants overall well being. Another area of focus in our data collection is participant involvement in volunteering and activities. The program has created an Activity Center where members are able to come and experience ongoing peer interaction and support. OASIS is currently working toward measuring and analyzing the effectiveness of the Activity Center by compiling engagement data.

For more information about the OASIS program, please call (714) 399-3480.

For Adult & Older Adult MHSA Programs and Data information you may contact:

Annette Mugrditchian, LCSW 
Director, Adult & Older Adult Behavioral Health
at amugrditchian@ochca.com
Diane Holley, LCSW
Program Manager II, Adult & Older Adult MHSA FSP Programs
at DHolley@ochca.com