TAY Definition Page

Full Service Partnership (FSP) for Children and Transitional Age Youth (TAY)

FSPs for Children and TAY provide intensive mental health care coordination to address the total needs of the child or TAY with a serious emotional disturbance (SED) or a serious mental illness (SMI). FSPs are capable of providing an array of services to the individual and his or her family that are well beyond the scope of traditional clinic-based outpatient mental health services. Depending on the individuals’/families’ self-identified needs, the programs address emotional, mental and physical health, housing, transportation and other supports to promote stability and successful functioning within the community. Services and linkages are provided in the home or community at the convenience of the participating individual/family. FSPs provide or link to a wide array of services and supports, guided by a commitment to do "whatever it takes," to help an individual and his or her family achieve self-defined goals toward resilience and wellness.

Access to services may include but are not limited to:

  • Mental and behavioral health services, including specialized substance abuse intervention
  • Medication support
  • Physical health care
  • Peer support from people who have experienced similar issues
  • Transportation
  • Suitable housing
  • Education
  • Financial and health benefit acquisition
  • Employment
    • Assistance with developing employment skills
    • Help in finding and maintaining competitive employment
  • Linkage to community activities and resources