Supporting Transitional Age Youth

STAY Process

About STAY Process

STAY (Supporting Transitional Age Youth) Process is a recovery program that focuses on transitional age youth (TAY), ages 16 through 25 years, who are seriously emotional disturbed (SED) or severely mentally ill (SMI) frequently complicated by substance abuse, who might benefit from increased integration into the community. Through the STAY Process, participants are given support and guidance to help them increase abilities and skills essential to being self-sufficient adults. The vision at STAY Process is that all participants have hope, are empowered, are responsible for themselves and are engaged in meaningful adult roles. The STAY Process mission is to support participants as they discover what it is they want and how it can be achieved. By working to get what they want, participants develop strengths and abilities applicable to their adult lives.

STAY Process uses a team approach that includes family and treatment providers to support program participants. Participants work with staff on personal goals with the intended result of increasing their chances for success and their ability to interact with diverse people. Staff includes personal service coordinators, community integration specialists, recovery specialists, and a psychiatrist, nurse, housing coordinator, employment/vocation coordinator, education coordinator and occupational therapist. Although the scope of work for each STAY Process staff member is unique, all welcome and engage participants and support them in making important changes in their lives. The staff coordinates community-based opportunities for learning and provides training around skills and abilities that empower the participant. Services are typically provided in English and Spanish, with Korean, Vietnamese and Farsi services provided as needed.

STAY Process is located at 1401 N. Tustin Avenue, Suite 225, Santa Ana, CA 92705, phone (714) 221-6400. Visitors are welcomed to attend weekly community meetings held every Wednesday from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.


For Children & Transitional Age Youth MHSA Programs and Data information, you may contact:

James P. Harte, PhD
Program Manager MHSA Programs
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