Background Check (Live Scan)

California Department of Justice & FBI Live Scan Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) Report and Subsequent Action Notification (SAN) Subscription

State regulations and Orange County Emergency Medical Services (OCEMS) policy require that all Emergency Medical Technician candidates perform a California and Federal background check prior to becoming certified in California. State law also requires that all EMTs currently certified in California must also have a background check as of July 1, 2010. For some EMTs who have allowed their EMT certification expiration to lapse after July 1, 2010, a new background check will be required prior to reactivation of certification.

The process for applicants to perform a background check is known as a Live Scan fingerprinting service. The Live Scan service operator electronically captures the candidate’s fingerprint images and electronically sends the images to the state Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal databases. The DOJ disseminates the resulting information of the Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) to the agency which the EMT applicant is applying for certification and to the State Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA). When submitting a Live Scan for OCEMS, candidates should be aware that the applicant is submitting to a subscription for OCEMS to receive an initial CORI and Subsequent Action Notifications (SANs) for any future arrests or convictions.

The Live Scan is required for all initial EMT applicants and must be performed prior to applying to OCEMS for state EMT certification. OCEMS will not process an application for state EMT certification if the CORI results have not been received. In some cases, an EMT who has allowed his/her EMT certification to lapse greater than one year may be required to perform a new Live Scan for OCEMS. An EMT who changes certifying entities will be required to perform a new Live Scan for OCEMS. If your Live Scan was completed greater than one year ago and you are applying for your Initial EMT Certification, you will be required to perform a new Live Scan for OCEMS. EMT candidates should review OCEMS Policy 420.00 for more information.

EMT candidates who seek state EMT certification from OCEMS must use the approved form provided below. A list of Live Scan operators is also available as a resource for candidates. OCEMS does not recommend any particular operator of Live Scan services and prices vary. The Live Scan can be performed at any DOJ authorized location in California, the important aspect is that the OCEMS form is utilized if seeking state EMT certification from our office.

For questions and information please contact the OCEMS licensing desk at 714 834-3500 ext 0.