Training Resources- Hospital Hub

Training Resources: OC-MEDS Hospital Hub

The Orange County Medical Emergency Data System (OC-MEDS) Hospital Hub is the primary method in which OCEMS designated Emergency Receiving Centers (ERC) may obtain copies of Patient Care Reports (PCR) posted electronically by EMS Providers. ERCs may access the Hospital Hub to view and/or generate PDF copies of PCRs whenever they are the receiving destination.

Pursuant to OCEMS Policy 600.00, designated ERCs must appoint one or more OC-MEDS liaison(s) who will serve as the designated OC-MEDS Facility Administrator. The Facility Administrator(s) is/are responsible for managing system access and use for their hospital. Facilities must also adhere to OCEMS Policy 300.20 and OCEMS Policy 300.40 with regard to Hospital Hub user account management and security.

The following training resources are designed to assist Hospital Hub users to best use the tools available in the system. For questions about the Hospital Hub or for technical support, please contact OC-MEDS Support at

NOTE: OCEMS will not reset user account passwords and will not add/manage user accounts on behalf of any facility. Facility users must contact their designated OC-MEDS Facility Liaison/Administrator for any assistance with their accounts.

OC-MEDS Hospital Hub Training Videos

 - Hospital Hub General Overview

 - Hospital Hub User Management

 - Hospital Hub Login and Password Reset