Training Resources - Report Writer

The OC-MEDS Report Writer is a resource that is available to every Orange County EMS Provider and Base Hospitals. System users may use these tools and resources to assist with monitoring their operational and clinical performance. The training videos and templates below have been designed to assist with coordinating uniform reporting amongst multiple agencies.

For questions or assistance with creating agency specific reports, please contact OC-MEDS Support at

2016 EMSA Core Measures Control Chart Templates

The training videos and charts provided below have been designed to assist EMS providers with generating and analyzing reports for each Core Measure as defined by the California EMS Authority. A raw data report has been created for each measure in the OC-MEDS Report Writer. Using these reports in conjunction with the "Control Chart" templates below gives each EMS provider the tools necessary to measure their performance.


ACS-1 2016 (Control Chart Template)

ACS-2 2016 (Control Chart Template)

ACS-3 2016 (Control Chart Template)

ACS-5 2016 (Control Chart Template)

CAR-2 2016 (Control Chart Template)

PAI-1 2016 (Control Chart Template)

PED-1 2016 (Control Chart Template)

RES-2 2016 (Control Chart Template)

SKL-1 and SKL-2 2016 (Control Chart Template)

STR-2 2016 (Control Chart Template)

STR-3 2016 (Control Chart Template)

STR-5 2016 (Control Chart Template)

TRA-1 2016 (Control Chart Template)

TRA-2 2016 (Control Chart Template)