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WIC Breastfeeding Promotion & Support

The California WIC Program promotes, supports and protects exclusively breastfeeding for approximately the first six months of life, and continued breastfeeding for at least the first year.

The Orange County Heath Care Agency WIC Program strongly promotes and supports breastfeeding. WIC sites are breastfeeding friendly and have staffs that are well trained and ready to help mothers to be successful at breastfeeding. We have a variety of resources available for participants and community partners

For WIC participants

    1. Breastfeeding group classes to our prenatal and postpartum women
    2. Individual breastfeeding counseling
    3. Access to electric, manual and pedal breast pumps
    4. Breastfeeding handouts available in Spanish, English and Vietnamese
    5. Breastfeeding Helpline – (714) 834-8363
    6. Breastfeeding friendly clinic settings
    7. Special World Breastfeeding Awareness Month activities
    8. Free access to a certified Lactation Educator
    9. Referrals to Lactation Consultants in the community  

        For WIC partners

        • Access to BF educational materials and resources
        • Patient referrals to our program
        • Collaboration opportunities to improve breastfeeding efforts in your programs
        Please call Laurence Obaid (714) 347-4512 or 1-888-YOUR WIC.

        Breastfeeding Resource List [PDF format]