The OCCP has 22 members. Appointments to the OCCP are made by the Board of Supervisors.

Position or Organization


Member of the Board of Supervisors

Supervisor Andrew Do

Orange County Sheriff

Sandra Hutchens

HCA / Behavioral Health Director

Mark Refowitz

Social Services Director

Mike Ryan

Chief Probation Officer

Steve Sentman

HCA / Public Health

Eric Handler

Juvenile Court Judge

The Honorable Maria Hernandez

County Counsel

Leon Page

Public Defender

Sharon Petrosino

District Attorney

Tony Rackauckas

Orange County Superintendent of Schools

Al Mijares

Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA)

Denise MacAllister

Parent or Parent Organization

Linda Smith

Former Foster Youth (age 18-25) from California Youth Connection


Regional Center

Janis White

Juvenile Justice Commission

Susan Leibel

Primary Contract Attorney for Dependent Children

Harold LaFlamme

The Raise Foundation

Eldon Baber

Children and Families Commission of Orange County

Christina Altmayer


Phil Tsunoda

Foster Family Agency (FFA) Association

David Wesson

Foster Parent